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What Makes Northbound Health Different?

Life Can Change


In healthcare, Quality of Life is generally accepted as the individual’s ability to enjoy normal life activities after receiving healthcare treatment for a life-altering condition or injury. Unfortunately, many people are left to deal with serious mobility, speech, cognitive, and occupational challenges affecting their everyday lives. If you, your family, or caregivers feel disillusioned, frustrated or confused on the next steps to take, Northbound Health is here to guide you.

  • Have you or someone you know had your life changed by a diagnosis or injury?
  • Do you feel lost or confused trying to navigate the healthcare system?
  • Would you like caring and compassionate specialists to join you on the journey you never wanted to take?
  • Are there barriers preventing you from leaving your home or participating fully in your life?
  • Do you have the resources you need to redefine what life will look like moving forward?
dissillusioned + frustrated patients

Northbound Health Can Help

What makes Northbound Health Different?

What makes Northbound Health different?


Our highly skilled therapists bring their combined knowledge and professional experience directly to our patients whether that be in their home, the community, one of our clinic settings or their workplace. We focus on creating treatment plans designed to serve our patient wherever they are in their recovery journey.


Northbound Health will provide personalized one-on-one care focused on restoring quality of life based on individual needs and recovery goals. Care is specifically catered to the home and/or preferred environment.


Northbound Health understands how difficult it can be to coordinate and attend outpatient therapy sessions. Our team is utilizing innovative techniques and equipment that is typically restricted to specialized outpatient clinics.


Northbound Health addresses the whole person by integrating their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being when evaluating their present condition and therapy needs. Treatment may include education for loved ones and caregivers for optimal outcomes. 


Even though life has dramatically changed, we will work together with the patient, their family, and/or caregivers to restore their identity and empower them to achieve their goals.


Significant discounts are available for those that may be denied home health services or do not have the insurance coverage for needed therapy treatments or ongoing maintenance.



Personalized Approach

Our approach meets our patient at whatever stage of their recovery they are at and develops a one-of-a-kind treatment plan personalized just for them. Not every patient shares the same goals. We respect our patient’s condition, their personal wishes, and goals for their recovery. We also collaborate with their healthcare team, family and caregivers to ensure we understand each patient’s health history and recovery challenges.

Northbound Health Therapy Services



Physical Therapyinnovative and specialized equipment for exercise prescription coordinated with education to improve mobility and function. Northbound Health Physical Therapy Services



Occupational Therapy - expertise and advocacy for complex rehabilitation technology needs to increase independence with mobility related activities of daily living. Northbound Health Occupational Therapy Services



"In May of 2021, my life came to a screeching halt, as I had to undergo emergency brain surgery. A craniotomy was performed to remove a benign brain tumor. I now can relate to what so many individuals and their families experience when an unexpected, emotional, and deeply impactful situation occurs. The fear and doubt that you feel during recovery can be very daunting.

The medical community acts quickly to help save a life, but what about preparing you to recover? Return to life? It’s forever changed from that point forward.

I would personally say that is when the hard work, sweat, and tears begin. This is what makes Northbound Health so uniquely special. The therapists have seen this firsthand and want to make this transition tailored to what each person/family needs. Each person differs from the next. Shouldn’t our therapy be different also?”

- Erica Hofmann


“Northbound Health is open to hearing their clients true needs. They don’t just walk in to your home, give you a piece of paper with exercises on it, take a few measurements, spend a quick 26 minutes with you and leave you to move on to the next number on their schedule.

Northbound Health Therapists walk into your whole life and support you, your goals and your efforts 100%. They work with you by first listening to you and then together they help you to realize the goals you are striving to achieve.

When they aren’t working with you personally, they’re actually sitting down with each other, making plans and coming up with innovative strategies to make sure that the patient receives the very best care possible. The time, energy, and focus that is spent on making sure the whole person is addressed is absolutely unheard of in the rehabilitation industry. I have worked with a few other companies and Northbound has set the standard that is going to be nearly impossible to surpass.”

- Nikki Lindsay


““Thank you, Northbound Health, for your thoughtful consideration and amazing attention to detail in addressing what’s missing in the healthcare industry. God bless you all.

- Patient of Northbound Health


“The best part about Northbound is that the staff is able to come to my home to administer my therapy.  Getting ready and getting to the gym would expend half of my energy.  The therapists are so good at what they do that Northbound has been an absolute game changer for me.”

- Michael Clark


“I feel better now than I did before my accident spiritually, mentally and physically.  Your dream and your foresight has given me and others a plan to get through our physical deficiencies.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of the journey, even though it has just begun, it’s going to be a wild ride but a rewarding one!”

- Patient & Volunteer of Northbound Health

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